Our science communication workshops for youth introduces young people to alternative science careers, like science journalism. Through our one day workshops, youth learn about scientific interviewing and gain radio production skills. The young journalists then interview an #ActualLivingScientist about their research, successes and failures at CKUT 90.3fm.

"I   Loved to be the one asking questions for once!" 

- 10 year old Participant


Broad Science Youth took our first international field trip!

We partnered with Berlin Science Week to host two workshops with 20 high-school students from Berlin, who got interview scientists at the Museum für Naturkunde (the Berlin Natural History Museum).

Look out for their interviews in 2020.  


After a series of successful workshops from 2017-2018, we have been able to partner with around 50 students in the Montreal area and over 25 scientists (including graduate students, professors, and even engagement from the Chief Science Advisor of Canada Dr. Mona Nemer).


The Broad Science Youth Program has now entered an exciting transition, where we have teamed up with researchers from McGill University to formally track outcomes of our workshop (e.g., how it impacts our participants) and to create a sustainable program toolkit that can be freely accessed around the world for educators to use. We'd like to thank our McGill University collaborators Professor Dr. Allison Gonsalves and Dr. Diane Dechief and the first cohort of Undergraduate facilitators (Mitaali Taskar, Connie Li, Mo Akif, and Liam Halloran) for helping make this possible.                   


Our first pilot took place on May 2019 at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau Elementary School in Montreal. Thank you to all the students who participated and a big cheers to their amazing teacher Laura-Annie! Check out their interviews in the new back to school episode below. (Stay tuned for bonus full interviews!) 

Thanks to our sponsors: CKUT 90.3fm, NSERC and McGill University


Photos from the day

Poster for a special edition of Broad Science Youth in 2018 celebrating Women in the Sciences. "The Future of FEMME STEM"

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