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McGill Innovators:

The McGill office of Innovation and Partnership, named Broad Science as a McGill Innovator. We’d like to thank the McGill innovation team for their support and recognition.  Check out their video on Broad Science made by voco studios:


Check out our founder talking to Sonali Karnick Host of All in a Week-End on CBC Radio about the importance of making STEM accessible and inclusive, and what Broad Science is doing to promote this.

Published Articles

The McGill Reporter:"Spreading The News About Science"


The McGill Reporter:"Science is for Everyone"

The Tribune:"Ada Lovelace Day"

The McGill Daily:Broad Science was invited to write a science feature for the The McGill Daily about why we were founded and what to expect for our upcoming episode on DNA and identity. Click here to read.

Example of workshops hosted

#SciComm Workshop (APRIL):

Broad Science will be hosting  2 series workshop on "Communicating with the media" and "Communicating with the public"

These two scicomm workshops are organized by Le Beagle - CSBQ in collaboration with Broad Science and Superwomen in Science Podcast.


Graduate #STEM Student Communication and Podcast Workshop (February):

Broad Science will be hosting an interactive 3-series workshop with Graduate students at McGill’s Macdonald Campus


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