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Science Story Evenings

Our Storytelling evenings aim to bring together members from diverse communities to engage with science in a fun and accessible ways. Each show features a broad range of speakers (6-7) involved in STEM fields who share personal stories about how science has impacted them.  Through storytelling, these events hope to humanize STEM fields that often feel distant to the public. The stories shared also work to challenge stereotypes about the people involved


The narratives presented in these story slams specifically aim to highlight underrepresented groups in the science community. Broad Science hosts these slams in collaboration with our partner Confabulation, Canada’s monthly storytelling showcase that has been running for 8 years. Since 2017, the events have been hosted at the Phi Centre, a virtual reality center in Montreal’s Old Port and played on CKUT 90.3fm, with a select few available as a podcast.

 All are welcomed to attend. Sign up to our next newsletter to find out about next show.


Start listening to a few stories
Just Released: Stories of Bodies
Science Story Slam

Alice Fleerakers

As a science communicator and researcher Alice explores how controversial science and miscommunication spreads online.

So when she finds out she hasn't been vaccinated, her research becomes personal.

Dr. Linda Peltier:

Learning to talk stem cell

"I started learning more and more about stem cells and you know the more you learn, the more you know you know nothing! So what do you do? do your PhD!"

From being an orderly to setting up the first cord blood bank in the province at Héma-Québec (second in Canada), listen to Dr. Linda Peltier's inspiring journey that led her to learn the language of cell.

Zahraa Chorgay:

Trial and Error

"We try to think of science as a series of Eureka moments...but it's often a series of failures"

Zahraa Chorgay is a PhD student in the Integrated Program in Neuroscience at McGill University As she struggles to find answers in her PhD research, she also faces unanswered questions about her own medical condition. Listen to Zahraa's story about resilience and using trial and error to understand her world.

Matt Goldberg:

My dynamic disease and me

"What I realized was that my disease is a part of me and like me, it's a dynamic part of me, it is something that changes. And it's not about taking a shot in the morning and a shot at night and pretending there is nothing wrong, it's about adapting my body, it's about learning not to just survive, but how to be happy."

Matt Goldberg is the host of Confabulation (He’s really REALLY good at it too!). Navigating his diabetes as a young student was difficult for Matt. His disorder felt distant and uncontrollable, but one day Matt came to a realization that changed his perspective. Listen to Matt’s story of accepting  this other dynamic part of him and learning how they can co-exist.If you want more stories like Matt’s, check out the confabulation podcast where they take a deeper dive into themes from an individual storyteller at each show

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