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How can you contribute?

Broad Science embraces collaboration with all community members, because together, we can create reliable scientific narratives that are representative and inclusive of the diverse communities we live in. We believe that ALL voices are valuable, no matter your scientific background. As we continue to grow, we look forward not only to producing high quality podcast episodes, but also engaging with our communities through various events and workshops. So how can you participate in the Broad Science initiative?


1) Be a contributor (share your knowledge): 

  • STEM workers: Share your expertise! Are you a researcher, grad student, healthcare or industry professional, whose work has an impact on marginalized communities? We want to hear from you! 

  • Journalists and media experts: Have a story to pitch? Want to contribute to our reporting staff or production team,or would you like to share your skills with others in the community? Give us a shout (an email will do :p )! 

  • Community members: Do you have a story about science you want to share? Have you or your community been overlooked or empowered by scientific practices? We would like to share the mic with you!


2) Build bridges: Facilitate new partnerships. If you know of an organization, collective, research group,etc... who we should reach out to and collaborate with, we are all ears! 

3) Engage: Like us on social media (the usual suspects: Facebook and Twitter). Share our episodes on soundcloud and itunes. Show up to our events, community meetings and give your feedback, so we can grow and be better. Get involved, make your voices heard! 

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